Virsagi helps you source for experienced skilled workers and use the latest app and web technology to make your sourcing process easier.
This website is designed for use by employers of construction workers, Singapore Licensed Employment Agents as well as Dhaka Recruiting Agents.
Prior registration is not necessary. We also do not charge a fee for the use of our website.
No, workers register by the use of an app which they can download from the Apple app store or Android play store.
They can download the app, but they will not be able to register. Registration requires a Bangladeshi phone number.
FIRST, you search for available workers using the Skills Listing. Once the skills listing appear, which could contain a lot of names, you can refine your search by age, by years of working experience in Singapore, by knowledge of English Language, or by a list of supplementary qualifications listed. Every time you refine your search, the number of workers who qualify will be reduced.
Yes, at the time of registration, our Assessment Officers will talk to the worker to assess them. The workers skills are then categorized into four categories, from Moderately experienced, to Experienced, to Highly experienced and Expert. You can choose the level of experience you need. Workers who are more experienced expect a higher level of pay.
You can submit a manpower request at any time in the “Find Workers” page, where you can specify the quantity as well as the desired skills that you require. You can also just call us here and we will be happy to log your request for you.
Once workers return home, they return to their villages dotted all over the country. Under our method, workers register thru the use of an App which they can download in any part of the country. In this way, we can capture the background of many experienced workers who may otherwise not be on the availability list of your Agent.
Licensed Employment Agents are licensed by MOM, they are authorized to distribute the biodatas listed on this website. Processing agents are Employment Agents appointed by the website owners. Their role is to liaise with employers or Licensed Employment agents and Bangladeshi agents who processes the workers for employment in Singapore.
Yes, the website can be used without restrictions by Singapore or Dhaka Licensed Agents, or by Singapore employers.